New Moon Wish List Instructions

Instructions on how to make wishes with the New Moon each month. By Alexia, San Francisco Psychic. 

Do you want to partner with God/Universe to make some magical or practical wishes for your life? 

Bellaluna by

Bellaluna by

The best time to do this is during the new moon each month and I will be posting these new moon wish times each month moving forward.

How to wish and what to wish for:

You should make no more than 10 wishes, hand written on paper with ink.  

You can wish for whatever you like within reason.  But don't wish for a million dollars and expect it to fall out of the sky.  The wishes should be something where you are doing your part working to bring it forward, and the Universe/God will respond magically.  Often times it can take time for a wish to manifest, yet other times it is immediate. It depends on the type of wish. Remember sometimes a wish that doesn't come true is a blessing in disguise, trust God/Universe knows best.


As the saying goes be careful what you wish for. Have you seen this commercial?  The guy asks a Genie for a Million "bucks" and receives 1 Million Deer/Bucks in his yard.  Fast forward to the 13 second mark. 

You may wish for the same thing each month and as you do, it gains power and momentum.  

For example: You want a new job that is fulfilling, it could take a few months to manifest the absolute best situation.  When wishing for that job, describe it, the benefits, the location, work hours, pay etc.

At the top of my wish list I like to write the following:

“With harm to no one, and no bad karma with God’s/The Universe' blessing” I wish for the following”.  

For example: If you wished for a puppy, but it came from an unhealthy puppy mill, you wouldn't want that, nor support that type of business.  So to blanket all your wishes, just write that line at the top and keep karma clear.

Simple example wishes:

  • I wish to find more passion and intimacy in my current romantic relationship

  • I wish to meet my life partner and begin our romantic relationship together

  • I wish to meet my new business partner

  • I wish for my business to take off in a balanced way where I can manage the work-life balance

  • I wish to have a increased flow of abundance and money into my life

  • I wish to learn how to _______

  • I wish for my family, animals and friends to be protected and safe in all ways, always

  • I wish to have increased will power to keep on my exercise routine

  • I wish to meet a new wonderful friend to do fun things with

  • I wish to take my family on a vacation to Hawaii this year and generate the means to do it comfortably without using credit

  • I wish to easily have my creativity open up.

  • I wish for more play/fun time in my life.

  • I wish for more of a work life balance.

  • I wish for more fun travel to safe and fun places.

*You literally can wish for anything, but there are topics where the power is increased each month depending what sign the moon touches.