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"There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy." - William Shakespeare

Signs and Symbols Part II

This post is a long one and should be used as a reference guide.  You may not digest it all in one sitting, but here you will find interesting tidbits.

Click here if you haven't read Signs and Symbols Part I, I touched on signs and symbols that God/Universe provides to us as it relates to animals and insects in the world around us.

It's In Our Nature

        Image courtesy of, "Click Earth" by Idea Go

        Image courtesy of, "Click Earth" by Idea Go

God gave us the gift of intuition and our senses. God/Universe doesn't only speak to us through conventional methods, he speaks to us through books, meditations, music, children, teachers, animals, nature and so much more.  If you think back to our ancestors, they lived their whole lives by intuition for hunting, weather detection, harvesting crops, astronomy, animal activity, and more.  It's up to us to use our natural born gifts.  Mothers and fathers use them daily with their children as one example.  It's a natural part of our operating system but sometimes we get so tuned out due to fast paced lives, technology, stress, news and more, that we aren't really listening or paying attention to our bodies and feelings until we are overloaded.

Over time as you begin to notice signs and symbols outside and inside of yourself, you will build a trust through your intuition which turns into knowing.  Knowing when to do something for yourself or a situation.  You never know what a sign will mean for you specifically until it happens, but I have outlined consistencies that I have found for myself and others.  The actual sign may be different for everyone, but the method of alert is generally the same.  As we open and expand our minds we leave room for the positive messages that God and the Universe have for us.  The key is not to be afraid.

Think of it like this-- you're driving in your vehicle and the system shows "low tire pressure" it's a good sign in that you are warned to get help, but its a pain in the butt to get your tire checked to make sure there isn't a nail or something in it.  Most of us know, not to go driving around with a low tire pressure sign on for very long.  For example,  when some of us get the warning of an oncoming headache and we don't take care of it until its a full blow migraine, we really need to care for ourselves as we would our loved ones. The warning system is there to help us take care of ourselves and our lives. Think of it as an alert system that God put in your operating system.  Sometimes the alerts are just fun things and other times its telling you to slow down and observe what's around you and inside of you.  

How did I come to know this?  Well, I've been paying attention and really tuning in for the last eight years since my intuition really started opening up on a deeper level.  I've read material on the internet and books about our body sensors and started to see patterns and consistencies.  Carolyn Myss, Ph.D wrote Anatomy of the Spirit.  If you are interested in finding out more, read the description on Amazon. It's a very interesting book. 

I have outlined a few examples for each area to give you the idea.  There are no limits. It can be quite magical.

     Courtesy of "Young Beautiful Woman" by AlexisDC

     Courtesy of "Young Beautiful Woman" by AlexisDC

Physical Signs

Eye Twitching

Does your eyelid (upper or lower) ever twitch continuously and it won't stop?  Next time it happens, pay attention and note what it is for you.  Does it happen on and off throughout the day? Does it go on and off for days?  

I'm not talking about you washed your face and rubbed your eyes and now its twitching, or you have a bad cold that is causing your eye to twitch.  This is something that comes on suddenly WITHOUT pain and catches your attention. Its a tickle type of feeling. It's just a built in radar system saying - "pay attention."  I have found the longer it lasts the more significant the connection to someone or something you will see or run into.

Left Side:

Typically I have found the left represents something distantly related to your past that you will see or run into.  Or something completely new that you have no connection to prior until that day. Also, helping strangers or strangers helping you can come with the left side twitching.  The possibilities are endless.  Here are a few examples I have experienced but you are not limited to.  Keep an open mind and see what God brings into your life.

  • A childhood friend or foe that you haven't seen since you were a child.
  • You see a dog that looks exactly like a dog/cat you adored that has since passed away, its them saying hello.
  • An item from your past that you coveted;  You walk by an antique store and see an an exact duplicate item you no longer have in your possession and triggers nostalgia and positive memories, to me its God saying I remember this was something you loved and I'm showing you.
  • Seeing an ex friend or boy-girl friend.
  • Meeting someone NEW!  Could be a new friend, new romantic interest but the left typically represents short lived interaction (for me).
  • Seeing someone you are not that familiar with that you know through someone else.
  • Seeing someone very removed from you; repairman that came to your home once, a shop keeper in a shop you frequent etc.
  • A celebrity.  I get this one when I run into celebs which has happened periodically through my life.  Most recently, I was at the David Hockney exhibit at the De Young museum last year and my left eye was twitching all morning.  I ran into John Lithgow and his wife wandering the exhibit. 
  • Something requiring your attention; a dog broke loose from its leash, a kid may toddle off away from the parent while the parent is unaware. An elderly person who may not look stable that you can offer an arm to.  

Right Side:

Typically I find the right to be more of a situation of a deeper connection, love, adoration, friendship and giving/receiving, could be something completely new but heart felt as where the left is more of ships passing. Again, keep and open mind and see what God brings into your life.

  • Running into someone that you know pretty well, possibly adore, love or have had a great connection with;  friend, friend-of-a-friend, a crush, a past love, a childhood friend that you loved dearly, finally seeing that one dog/cat you've been searching for to adopt.
  • If you run into someone NEW more than once, I would see what the message is there.  Is it someone to learn from, a book referral, a job connection, a romantic connection?  Explore the possibilities.
  • Typically it is a positive someone or something from your past that you will see on the right side. 
  • Be alert, you may be called to help with something; as an example, an elderly person needs assistance taking out the garbage or crossing the street or opening the door.  Maybe an elderly person you help will tell you a wonderful story to share as a gift in return for your assistance.
  • The right side is usually a longer interaction because the parties are more familiar or its a relationship connection in some way on a deeper level.  Even if its five minutes of meeting a really interesting person.  It's something new on a deeper level vs. the left.
  • Finally finding  the perfect job listing and starting the application process, someone calls you directly about a job you'd be a fit for.
  • You are about to find an organization that you have been searching for such as volunteering, a class you wanted to attend, a church you may like etc.
  • You have your own business and are just about to land your next client.
  • Surprise gift comes to you out of the blue.
  • A heartfelt situation that leaves you with lasting positive energy.
  • You literally just asked for something and it falls into your lap immediately, serendipity!
  • Something you have been curious about that comes to life, a question you asked such as "I wonder if _____ ." Then it appears in front of you to answer the question.

    Example: a couple weeks ago I was on Union street with friends in the city and my right eye twitched.  I said, I am going to run into someone I know.  But I did not, what I saw was a vehicle exactly like mine, the same rare color but a newer version.  Just that week I said to myself "I wonder if they still make this color in a newer version." I have never seen a vehicle like mine with the same color scheme.  And there it was.  An answer to my random question.  What this shows me is that we can get answers to almost anything when we let go.  Its when we are attached to something that it seems more difficult for us to gain clarity or answers.  Note to self:  Ask and let go, the answer will come.

Nose Twitching

Does your nose ever feel like its twitching on the tip or a very light pulsing sensation without pain?  To me the nose is like a bullseye in the sense that this sign is usually something in your immediate vicinity.  To me this sign means something is right there in front of you or will be in a very short period of time.

The first time I remember paying attention to my nose itching, it felt like it had a tiny pulse on the tip.  it was late in the evening and I went to let my dogs out and I saw a HUGE raccoon staring at me on the fence, just hanging out happily starting its evening.  I immediately put the dogs inside before they saw it.  It doesn't happen often, but when it does just be alert.  This isn't to frighten you, its to assist you.  It could be as simple as someone coming toward you in the grocery isle to say hi.  Or a raccoon doing the same, but at night on the fence with two dogs, I opted out of the greeting. :-)

It happened again last month where my nose was twitching and I knew something was in my backyard. What I found was the dogs got a baby bird cornered and I got him to safety.  After that I ended up barricading part of my backyard until the fledglings learned to fly.  I think it was a sign for me to know they were back there and to keep them safe. A few days later I had a dream they were flying.  


Does your ear get hot or does it feel like fluttering inside or sometimes high pitch ringing for a a very short period of time while awake without pain?  Again, all of these are some examples but you will have to see what is true for you.


  • Usually you will hear news or something positive is going on as it relates to you; good feedback, an invitation, someone wants to do something for you, could be anything positive as it relates to you.  
  • That person you were just thinking about calls you 
  • God and your angels are downloading information to you from a higher realm, perhaps calming you, sending positive energy and more.


  • You may hear some disappointing news but don't think disaster.  Example: you were waiting to move forward in the job interview process, but heard it wasn't a match.  If something isn't meant to be for you, that isn't the right door anyway.  The right door will open.
  • Someone you did not want to hear from that you thought about reaches out.
  • A person you may not want to hear from contacts you.
  • Again, God and your angels are downloading information to you from a higher realm, perhaps calming you, sending positive energy and more.
  • Again, the possibilities are endless, but these are just some examples.

Itchy Palms

  • Right, money coming in - this one is a funny one.  I have a friend that says its clear for her; right good, left not so much.  
  • For me its a mixed bag.  Right always means money coming in but the left for me is both money in and out.   I think sometimes the reason I get both on the left is God/Universe is letting me know, don't worry there is a balance to the downside of it going out.

    Note: I've got two kids in college and am always hit with surprise expenses from vehicles, to school bills, books, supplies, clothes and more. I usually don't know about it until they say, "Oh hey by the way, I had to get xyz."  Anytime something comes up outside of my budget, my left palm will itch to let me know that as well.  So it happens to me often, and usually it has to do with the kids expenses for me. I run a tight budget so when the left starts itching I roll my eyes and say a prayer. 


image courtesy of, “Mother Playing With Her Daughter” by imagerymajestic

image courtesy of, “Mother Playing With Her Daughter” by imagerymajestic

Children say the most amazing and magical things.  I miss my young babies and the things they used to say.  They are now 21 and 19.

One day we were driving home from Seattle back to the San Francisco Bay Area and we drove by a factory.  My daughter wasn't more than three years old at the time.  I thought she was sleeping and we were all quiet in the car.  Her little voice said "Ohhhhh so that's how they make clouds."  I cherish that moment and so many others.  Time really does go by too fast with our children.

Kids are honest and direct as well.  They are fresh with ideas, perspective and enthusiasm.  I love asking children questions. Their answers often times make so much sense and are basic concepts that as adults we somehow can't seem to get.

Has a child told you some interesting tid-bits about what they think lately?  It's good to pay attention. Children are magical and special. Listen to their voice, see the wonder and magic in their eyes.  Reconnect to your inner child through them.

Is a child in your life giving you a sign?  Have they said something so obvious that you should pay attention?  A long time ago a little girl was very blunt and said "your painting looks angry." It was true.  I process a lot of emotions through painting and exercise. When she told me, it hadn't really dawned on me.  She nailed it.


  • Have you had a conversation with a stranger that was good, only to walk away and regret not exchanging contact info?  If that person crosses your path again and you connect just as well before, I recommend swapping info.  You never know; they could lead you to something; new job, love of your life, a great book, a new friend, a great therapist, they could be a teacher to you or something else not yet defined.
  • Have you heard something more than once from different people?  Pay attention. It's God/Universe/Angels trying to answer a prayer, a question or lead you to the next step.  My motto is if I hear it 2x I look into it, if I hear it 3x it's the word of God.
  • Has someone randomly done an act of kindness for you?  This is the God's way of saying thank you for all the good you do or just to put a smile on your face.  Sometimes life gets hard, busy and we can be out of touch with smiling or feeling joy.  It's nice when a random act of kindness crosses your path.  One little thing can fill a person up and recharge their joy.  It's an amazing feeling.
image courtesy of, "Green Peacock Feathers" by panuruangan

image courtesy of, "Green Peacock Feathers" by panuruangan


Often times I will see feathers drifting down out of know where, color doesn't matter; sometimes white, black, mixed, a feather is a feather and positive no matter what color.   Just like black dogs and cats are not bad or evil, same concept applies.  It's a feather.

Now there can be a ton of feathers in an area that birds populate heavily such as eaves on buildings etc.  This isn't really what I am talking about.  But none the less, feathers are magical.  When you see one floating across your path, its a sign of something, here are some of the possibilities but it could mean something different to you each time, there are no limits, you will know what it means for you.

  • Your prayers are heard and being answered in the way that God feels is best.
  • Your angels are with you always.  It's a sign that you are on the right path.
  • Magic is appearing in your life.
  • Someone is watching over you and wanted to make you smile.
  • A miracle great or small is about to happen to you and for you.
  • Perhaps you've been praying on hearing from your deceased loved one and thats a message for you.


Do you ever come across US coins or foreign coins left on the street?  They could be random places that weren't there a few minutes ago but suddenly are there.  Such as your living room floor, the back yard, the front steps, anywhere on the street etc.  Typically this is your angels, deceased relatives and God just making you smile and letting you know you aren't alone in a positive way.  Adding a little magic to your day.

I personally love old coins or brand new coins.  Typically when I find them they are old old pennies or nickels and shiny new ones.  I love it.  

I've heard stories where a person was living in the US, yet would find coins from their native country of origin.  I think it is their relatives letting them know they are with them and watching over them.  God is quite magical. Here are a few I have experienced:

  • You will get the money you need.
  • That a relative is watching over you.
  • That God wanted to let you know something positive is on the horizon.
  • A penny for your thoughts, what are you thinking? Are you worried? Give it to God and the angels if so.
  • Good luck is around you


I always pay attention to the clouds.  I love what things I find.  Sometimes they are so explicit such as these photos I've captured over time on my iPhone.  Sometimes they are just a wonderfully abstract and may just give you a feeling or an nudge of some kind.   I love to know that God/Universe creates magic in our every day lives.  When you start paying attention to the clouds, capture them in pictures if you can.  Sometimes you won't know what it means for you until after when you have a chance to reflect on them.


I will leave you with this for now, I will be writing more on this topic as time goes by.  Next time I will touch on angels, dreams, music, numerology and so much more.

Have a great week!  Wishing you peace, love and lots of loving-helpful angels to surround you all.

God bless!

-San Francisco Psychic