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"There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy." - William Shakespeare

Paying Attention to Signs and Symbols, Part I

I will be doing a series on signs and symbols and paying attention to guidance you are receiving from the universe..

image courtesy of scottchan @

image courtesy of scottchan @

Today we are all inundated with technology, news, social media and more.   We are somewhat disconnected from our innate natural ability to be intuitive due to the influences around us.   I can’t tell you how many people tell me that they are not intuitive. The truth is, we are all born with the gift of intuition.

Our ancestors used their intuition to guide their lives; times to hunt, plant, harvest, change locations, they detected weather patterns, followed the stars and more.  They used their intuition, the environment and animals to tune into their natural born gift. We too have the gift of intuition and it can help us in most areas of our lives.

We all have said so many times... ”I should have listened to my gut on this or that.”  We could have saved ourselves so much trouble in dating, relationships, decisions we’ve made, jobs we accepted, drama and more.

When you stop, disconnect from technology, and quiet your mind if even for 20 minutes a day, that is a starting place to tune into your natural abilities within your body, mind and soul. 


There is this funny clip from one of my favorite comedy movies “Bruce Almighty” where Jim Carrey asks for a sign.  He is inundated with road signs while driving and yet he doesn’t pay attention to all the signs in front of him.  How many times have we done this?  Too many to count. 

See the funny short 2-minute clip here:  

If you can't play the video, here is the link for viewing later --

Moral of the clip

When you ask for a sign, you will ALWAYS get one, it might not be the timing or the package you expected it to be delivered in, but if you pay attention you will get it.  It could be a message on a bus billboard, something someone says to you that you hear more than once, it could come from anywhere.  All you have to do is pay attention.  Be patient, it will come.

Now onto symbolism with signs

I am going to briefly touch on a few high-level examples as not to inundate you.  Pay attention to the world around you whether you live in a big city, a town or the country.  I have found the following information  that I have written below to be true for me and others. However each person develops their own unique symbology, which may vary from what I have written. The universe is vast and mysterious and its best to keep an open mind.  You never know what magic will unfold for you.

image courtesy of Gualberto107 @

image courtesy of Gualberto107 @


Typically most birds are messengers. All birds have multiple associations to them as do other animals, but here are a few to get you started to open your eyes and mind.


Pigeons played a role as carrier pigeons back in the day.  Handlers would train them to deliver messages and return home. 

Today when a pigeon flies across you while driving or while walking it means a message is coming to you.  It could be a phone call or a text. Typically I have not found them to be significant messages/calls, but definitely it lets me know someone will be reaching out to me within the next 12-24 hours.

Keep in mind, if you go seeking a flock of pigeons or seagulls in their natural habitat that does not qualify.  It's when they cross your path intentionally by flying or walking or landing near you (on a table, bench etc.).  There will be times you might see a flock fly over you, and you may receive a ton of messages such as an RSVP to a party, or a group gathering, feedback from many people on a topic or email. This is something not to be afraid of but to embrace in a positive way.

Example: One day, two friends and I were at Union Square at an outdoor cafe and a pigeon landed on one of the empty chairs for a moment.  I told them it meant a message was coming.  Sure enough in about 5 minutes a man approached my friend and told her how beautiful she was and asked for her number. She let him know she was married, but still what a boost to have that in your day married or single.  True Story!


When you see a falcon or hawk, this can be a stronger message, perhaps a correspondence about a job you have been waiting to hear on, news about an offer you put in on a house, a tax return coming in a few days while you have been waiting patiently for the money.  You see where this is going.  The types of messages are unlimited but a stronger message than the pigeon in my experience.

Example:  Several years ago, I interviewed or a job and a couple of weeks went by where I did not hear anything.  One day I saw a falcon fly over my house which is rare, so I knew it was a message meant for me.  I felt a decision had been made but I didn't know if it was in my favor.  That same day I saw 3 dragonflies hovering around above me in the back yard.  Then, that night I had a dream that a falcon came to me and touched my leg with its beak and wing.  I looked it up in a dream book and it meant that I had a leg to stand on.  So I felt pretty confident by all of these signs that I was likely going to be receiving an offer for the position.


Love, family, couples, new beginnings in your life if they appear in spring, partnership in all areas of love or business, family, connection, deceased loved ones saying hello, marriage and more…


Seeing a solo gull near you or flying by you can mean an opportunity is coming.  It could be small, medium or large, but it means something is on its way.  

Example: When I worked near the Ferry Building in SF, there were always gulls, but the ones that were my messengers would literally sit on the window sill outside of a conference room on the 5th floor and stay for a while, or come right near me peacefully somehow when I was sitting and eating lunch.  I used to think they were the most annoying birds growing up in San Francisco, but through this process I have learned to appreciate them more.  

image courtesy of Tharkful @

image courtesy of Tharkful @



these beautiful creatures represent positivity, heaven, angels, deceased loved ones human or animal saying hello, uplifting your spirit if you are down or just to brighten your day.  Letting your know a higher power is with you always and in all ways.

Lady Bug

These lovely bugs can be associated with female. mother and the Madonna (Mother Mary), unconditional love, positive spiritual messages, love, motherly love, thank you from Mother Nature for recycling or taking care of the earth, good luck, reinforcement of decisions you made as a parent. 


Dragonflies have many meanings but the few that resonate with me are that they represent change, light in your life when the path may seem dark, beauty; helping you see the beauty within yourself; spring/summer, new beginnings, spirituality and more.

Two or more dragonflies have a more significant meaning, I have always received good news when dragonflies are present. 


Protection, creativity, strength, resilience, work that is effortless.  Imagine how much a little spider can do in a day; create a web, catch food, eat.  When one web closes by natural forces, it creates another web on its own.  

In closing…

I haven’t defined all types of birds and insects obviously because I don’t know them all and the possibilities are endless, but the above are around in our everyday lives in urban areas and these are the ones I experience the most.  You will develop your own meanings to symbology that is unique. 


Book on Animal Signs

You can also Google animals as to their symbology, but the best source I have found is a book called:

“Animal Speak” by Ted Andrews, available at most book stores.

This book defines all kinds of birds, insects and 4-legged animals.  For example:  has a raccoon appeared in your yard?  If so, what are you masking in your life?  There is symbolism and signs everywhere.


More to come on this topic in future posts!  If you would like to subscribe click here.

Wishing you love, light and opening up to your intuition on a deeper level.

-Alexia, San Francisco Psychic