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"There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy." - William Shakespeare

Connect With Your Angels

As a reader, I work directly with angels in my readings. Here are some common questions that I get asked.  I thought I would start a series on Angels.  This is part one in the series.

Angels 111

Everyone on the planet has a powerful guardian angel filled with love and light.  No matter what religion, background or spiritual belief.  God's gift to all of us is a guardian angel to help guide us and protect us as best they can.  You don't have to believe in angels or God to have a guardian angel.  It is so.  

In addition to your guardian angel there are archangels that are of a higher order of angels that are protectors and helpers of the earth and all its inhabitants and elements. We can call on the archangels anytime from anywhere. Archangel Michael, Gabriel and Raphael are cited in many religious texts such as the Bible, Quran and Torah.

There are so many other types of angels that can help but it would take too much time to go into all of the orders of angels.  So I choose to focus on the the most common to us.

Have you seen the time 1:11 or 11:11 constantly? These are wonderful spiritual numbers and often times repetitive numbers represent communication from your Angels,  a higher power or your loved ones who have passed.  

Why would I go to an angel for help when I have God?

For me personally, I think of it like a spiritual family.  On earth people have a family, teachers, friends and coworkers.  At different times in life we go to these people for advice, comfort, love and fun.  That's how I view the spiritual family.  We can always go to God, additionally God gave us other spiritual family members such as your guardian angel who is a life-partner in a sense. 

Everyone is unique, so do what works for you.  Some people are not comfortable with God but prefer angels.  Some only want to go to God while others feel they don't know God but believe in angels.  No matter what, we are all supported by something greater than ourselves.  To me that is God. To you it may be the universe, the one, her, him, big poppa etc.

Why do we have to ask angels for help if they are here to help and protect us?

From what I have seen, heard, experienced and researched, angels have a certain type hall pass where they can assist us with certain things. Each one of us has a unique mission to fulfill on earth.  Angels can help and provide guidance specific to a persons life, but can't interfere with their life's mission unless it is in support of their destiny.  

I always ask for God and the angels to help me from the simple things to large decisions. Sometimes we can't see all the facts in situations, but they will help present them to you when you ask for guidance.  Suddenly you might find out more information or things just get really clear.

With that said, we must "ask" for help if we want them to help us with many areas of life, just as you would ask a friend, partner or relative for help.  You have to let them know what you need or want help with.  I'll caveat this topic by saying, we can't sit on the couch all day and say, "hey angels, get me a job" and expect it to fall in your lap.  You have to do your part in the work and effort in life to help move the energy in the proper direction. 

You can ask for help with almost anything, here are a few examples, but the list is endless:

  • Bring comfort in times of distress, sadness, fear, anxiety, depression and more
  • Guiding you to make the best choices on a decision
  • Help you decide on a purchase you need to make; they can present you with the right options and help you reduce the not so good options
  • Help you find the right doctor, by all means take into account referrals from physicians and others, but they will help guide you to feel which one is the right choice for you
  • Help you or your children with your studies and tests, bringing extra focus, creative and thought processing energies
  • Help bring new friends into your life
  • Help you bring a new romantic partner into your life 
  • Help with issues at work such as tense meetings, parities that butt heads
  • Guiding you to the right new job or career 
  • Planning a trip
  • Being with you and keeping you safe on your trip; help and directions magically can appear when traveling
  • Help with safety
  • Help alerting you to things you need to address; home improvement, an ailing pet, a car that needs work, a friend in need etc.
  • Help with pets and kids; they can get your immediate attention when your attention may be diverted for a moment to focus on something going on
  • They can guide you to the right place at the right time for magic in your life, to lead you to something new
  • Finding the right resources
  • Clearing up arguments with friends and family. You can ask your guardian angel to talk to the other parties guardian angel and help bring a healthy resolution about.

Once you ask for their help, step back and wait for the signs, people, resources to magically appear.  Just keep an open heart and mind.

How to build a relationship with your guardian angel and/or archangels?

We all can have a relationship with our guardian angel, archangels and other types of angels.  Just like you would cultivate a relationship with a friend, family member or romantic partner, it takes time and effort to build a relationship.  It's a two-way street.  However, if you are not comfortable and never seek out a relationship with your guardian angel or an archangel, it will always be there to help you along the way and love you unconditionally regardless. 

All you have to do it speak to them in your mind or out loud.  You can do this any time day or night, but the best time for me is when I go to bed and when I first wake up.  

Practice, practice, practice and then fake it until you make it.  Meaning just keep talking and connecting, It might feel a little weird at first, but once you find your comfort zone, it will begin to unfold naturally. Think of it like a child would; open mind, open heart.  

Angels always hear us and they are always there with you.  It's our own mind that can block them out due to fears, stress, anxiety and the busy lives we live.  An angel will always do its best to get you the information and sign you need, but it may not be in the way you expected.  Angels know what fears we have and they will never do anything to create harm or fear in our lives.  

Tell them your cares and/or worries, be yourself, talk, laugh, cry, with them as you would your friends or family.  Again, they are your life-partner in a sense, always with you every second of your life.

How do angels interact with us?

Angels love to help, and love when we connect with them.  Every angel experience can be unique to an individual, but there are common responses I've seen, experienced, felt and read about.  

Often times you may get a response via the following but not limited to these examples:

  • A song plays on the radio and the lyrics are the exact message, clue, or answer. (one of my favorites)
  • Feathers appearing out of no where
  • A unique bird that flies by
  • Butterflies suddenly appearing,
  • A license plate with a message 
  • Bumper stickers that have a message that just clicks for you
  • Signage on a billboard or vehicle
  • A magical moment where you see something out of the ordinary that makes you tingle and feel positive.  
  • Suddenly anxiety dissipates or you get over a fear quickly and suddenly feel peaceful.
  • A person says just the right thing at the right time,
  • A sequence of numbers magically appearing over and over again,
  • Someone does a random act of kindness for you.
  • A book or magazine falls off the shelf that perhaps you should read or re-read
  • A person walks by wearing a shirt with wings
  • What you have been looking for suddenly appears
  • People randomly pay you compliments or smile at you

It could be anything!

They try to get our attention

Have you ever been in a room and heard someone call your name and you said "what?" to whomever was in the house and they said, "I didn't say anything." Or were in a deep sleep and heard someone very gently calling your name and perhaps in your dream even shaking you gently to wake you in  the morning just before your alarm is set to go off?  This is just one method of letting you know they are here and engaging with you, and watching over you.

They are also readily available to us in our dream state because we are calm and relaxed and uninhibited.  They come to us to bring comfort, give us information, calm us and so much more.  Most often you may not remember.  Sometimes you will remember a stranger in your dream who was very kind and helpful.  This can be there way of connecting to you with out alarming you.

Sometimes angels will nag you in a positive way.  Has there ever been a feeling over and over to do something and you keep putting it off, yet you keep getting a nagging sensation? 

They try to give us signs all day long every day.  Pay attention and see what unfolds for you.  

Asking angels for Protection and Shielding Ourselves From Bad-juju

You can ask angels for protection in any situation.

Its safe to say that most of us don't go out in a storm without a coat and or umbrella.  Well the same can apply when you commute on public transit, go to meetings, parities, and other places where there are a lot of people.  There can be people and situations that zap your energy and have bad-juju.  I always ask for extra light and protection when going out in the world.

Another example is that we all have those times when we have to walk to our cars alone.  You can ask for your guardian angel and archangels to ensure you and your loved ones all get home safely.  You can ask that an angels cover your home, property, doors and windows with protection.    

How to ask for protection:

If you are scared or nervous about something it can be as simple as saying something like this:

  • Thank you for extra love, light, guidance and protection NOW.
  • God, guardian angel, HELP NOW!
  • Help!

For general protection when you are not feeling it for the immediacy above:

  • I like the "Our Father" prayer
  • There is a short-sweet little prayer that was passed onto me that I like to use:





If you or someone you know is physically ill or in a state of depression, you can ask for your angel or angels to help you or help your loved ones with extra healing, love and light.  Everyone has their own life path and we don't know why people go through what they do.  But know that angels do help.  They may not always be able to intervene and cure us, but they can ease our journey and add more light and good helpers; both human and angelic to our lives.

Angels are great for helpers with just about anything, a few examples:

  • Sometimes when I know I need to get an item at the store, but I am not in a place to write it down, I ask my guardian angel to remind me when I am at the store if I forget to put it on my list.  I'd say 95% of the time it works and I can't get that item off my brain from the moment I walk into the store until I put it in my cart.
  • When I was first divorced we didn't have much money left over for extras.  There were times I only had $25 between checks after paying all the bills and the mortgage.  I prayed to God and the angels for help and without telling people, my kids and I were suddenly invited to dinners, lunches and we were fed on a wing and a prayer.  Back then I remember asking what I could bring and everyone said "nothing." This was so amazing to me.  So as thanks I would bring fresh cut roses from my yard because they were so beautiful and it was the only thing I could afford to do at the time.
  • I was on Kaiser medical all of my life and had the same doctor for about 20 years and I loved him.  When I changed jobs the new company didn't offer Kaiser but had great medical coverage. I was so overwhelmed on how to pick a doctor.  At Kaiser it was very easy and I felt this new Insurance offered too many choices.  I prayed to God and the angels to help me find the right new doctor.  As I went to my first appointment with my new doctor, I wasn't sure about her until she told me about herself.  She said "I did my internship at St. Michaels Medical Center in New Jersey."  Right then I knew St. Michael/Archangel Michael  guided me to the right doctor.  For those of you that don't know me, he is my patron saint and my main archangel that I go to.

The small fun things

  • Angels can also help with small fun things. Often times I'll see something that isn't readily available and I'll try to find it for myself.  I'll go on a search and if I don't find what I am looking for I say "OK angels, please go to work and find something like this or better for me."  It might be immediate or it might be a few weeks later but none the less something always turns up when I stop looking and ask.  It literally falls in front of me.
  • Another thing I notice is if you are on a budget, they will also try to put things in front of you that are on your budget.  So you can have a little something special that you can't believe you got for such a great price.
  • Let's say as a kid you used to LOVE seeing the ice cream truck and you think of good memories. Within a few days or hours you might cross paths with an ice cream truck.


If you want to start connecting on a deeper level. Be open to receiving messages through conventional and unconventional ways.  Some days if I'm feeling off, I just ask for reassurance.  In the past I have seen "Michael's plumbing and drain repair'  on a van driving by.  I just laugh because I know it's Archangel Michael giving me a sign that perhaps I need to clean out the brain clutter.  I've also gone to the grocery store and seen a checker named Gabriel and Raphael in the same day to say, hey we're here (both names of other archangels).  The possibilities are endless on how they will interact with you.  Each person will build their own special and unique relationship.  


Angel Resources:

Doreen Virtue Ph.D

I've studied angels for many years and have found many books on the subject and there is a common theme I have seen first hand that aligns with books I've read.  One author I do resonate with is Doreen Virtue Ph.D. she has written several books on the topic that you can find on Amazon. You can also follow her on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and

In addition, she's written out information for each archangel and their significance, benefits and more.  
Click here to meet the archangels.


Lorna Byrne

She wrote a series of books on angels and her experience with them throughout her life growing up in Ireland at a very conservative time and place.  You can find her books on Amazon.  They are quite the page turners. Every time she comes out with a new book, I read it cover to cover the same day.  You can find her on Facebook, and Twitter.


Wishing you all the best in building relationships with your angels.