Birth Chart Info

Birth-chart reading using north node astrology, by Alexia, San Francisco Psychic

For clients interested in a birth-chart reading

I use North Node Astrology, I look up your birth date, time, year and find out about what you are here to do from birth to death.  It's sort of like a map that tells me where you have been, what you are supposed to do along your path and key indicators of some trouble spots on what you are here to let go of. Some really good areas where life is in the flow and more.  

The chart is about 5-10 pages that I write and will provide to you in PDF or Word.  It's all about different aspects of you.  Every chart is different, so I can't give an example of every detail you will find, but there are numerous sections and attributes.  Just a couple examples are below:

  • Someone may be very soft spoken, but in the birth chart it indicates that people can walk all over this person and one of her goals in this life is to speak up and be for herself instead of letting people treat her a certain way.
  • Another example is career, where someone may be an accountant  or analyst and feels bored, tired and worn down by the job but in the birth chart it indicates they would be much better suited in the arts, communication field or travel industry etc.

It takes me about two hours to put together a chart and do the research on you and then we schedule a 75 minute reading session where we go over the birth-chart the first half and then have a reading the second half.

The cost is $250